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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnosis Safe?



Hypnosis is a totally natural state, not synthetic medicine.  Also "side-effects" is usually a term associated with drug based therapy, such as pills and tablets. Also my hypnotherapy is not "mass-produced" in a factory.

Please watch this excellent video from Dr. Mercola. Though it is aimed at an American audience, the principles are the same.


Some hypnotherapists offer a guarantee, do you?

The guarantees usually centre around that if you feel at the end of the appointment that the work was not professional, then the customer might decline to pay. 

I would imagine after 15 minutes you or the hypnotherapist would know if the work was "professional".

Remember hypnotherapy is a two party process, and hypnotherapists are as good as their customers.  HOWEVER I do offer a money-back guarantee if not satisfied service via multi-media hypnotherapy.  If interested, then complete the response form on the contact

What are Scott Burke's success rates, and are there testimonials?

The short answer is that unless a hypnotherapist has independent verification of success rates, then it is very difficult to give details. 

Personally, and you are free to choose to accept this, I know from feedback the work is very successful BUT it is NOT my is YOUR success. 

Remember, just like a driving instructor, we are working together to help you "pass".  I know I am confident in my work, the question is.."do you or do you not genuinely wish to achieve X?"

Also most testimonials I receive are very personal, but they are available for viewing at my Inverness Practice.  Some can also be seen here:

How long is a session
and how many?

Generally an individual session is about 90 minutes, it really depends on the individual.

Most hypnotherapy is thorough and done over 3 appointments, however in some cases it is possible to do double appointments, which does have a discount, but is really more for those that time may be an issue, or are travelling some distance etc.

What is important is that you see it through to completion, which is normally about 3-4 weeks.  

Is this similar to Stage Hypnosis? Do I "go under"?

Obviously this is not the same as a stage show. 

In stage shows you are seeing the top 10% of suitable people who agree to participate in the show. 

In ANY hypnosis you DO NOT go under, or lose control, these are only scare stories. 

If anything I would argue you GAIN more control. 

Generally hypnosis is a very deep relaxed state, and I would say is one of the most pleasant forms of therapy available.

I have a question not covered here, what can I do?  Can I call you?

You can contact me via the contacts option on the website. 

Please understand that given that if I am working with clients most of the time I might not be available to speak directly to you, however I do have someone who knows my work to take my calls.

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