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​Appointment Fees for Gordon Terrace, Inverness 

(for other locations please contact)

I sincerely believe that by offering the choice of which hypnotherapy is right for you demonstrates another part of my commitment to customer service.  PLUS I also offer

FREE 20-30 minute consultations at my City Centre Inverness Practice.

Standard Option

Session fee is £60 for most therapies.  (if coming as a couple, do contact for potential discount offers).  Average length of session is approximately 60-75 minutes.  Typical number of sessions for this thorough approach is three, each one specific and unique (not simply repeating session one again and again).   Some clients may feel it is beneficial for them to have additional sessions, however this will only be the case for many complex or ongoing issues, and also only if they feel that the initial three sessions have had a measurable positive impact.


Super Saver Option
(Extended DOUBLE SESSION with over 10% discount)




Super Saver Option Fee is £105 (saving £15 on 2 standard sessions), for most therapies (if coming as a couple, do contact for potential discount offers) This is for a 2 hour to 2 hour 15 min appointment which combines elements of session one and two from the standard option.  The Super Saver Option is ideal for those on a budget, or travelling from outwith Inverness, or have seen in me in the past for other hypnotherapy.  Super Saver is mostly for common areas such as  smoking, anxiety, weight management, driving tests, exams, general confidence issues (eg public speaking, shyness), some sports etc.   If you are unsure whether you are suitable for the Super Saver Option, then do contact me. 

Personal Health Plan or Private Health Insurance


Do you have a personal health plan or private health insurance?


If so, you may be able to claim costs towards Hypnotherapy sessions with myself. As an example, if you have cover with Health Shield, or this is provided to you from your employers, it may be worth finding out what help you could receive with financial assistance.

Hypnotherapy "Party" FANTASTIC VALUE!
Find out more about FREE HYPNOTHERAPY for You!


This concept is for a group of people who all wish to achieve X (eg stop smoking, lose weight, play better sports, pass exams etc.)  The group might be work colleagues, students, friends, family etc.  There is a lot to be said about the benefits of a Hypnotherapy Party.  Not only is it more affordable, it is also true that when you have a group of good people giving each other encouragement, this can only be beneficial to all.  If this option appeals to you, then do contact me to discuss this further.  In return, as an organiser you can enjoy FREE HYPNOTHERAPY as my way of showing gratitude. Contact me if you are genuinely interested for further details.

Mostly held at the Inverness Therapy Clinic, but also Gordon Terrace, Inverness.

Cancellation Policy


As with most hypnotherapists, dentists, osteopaths and the like, we respectively ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation or change in appointments.  By booking you agree to the following: 48 HOURS NOTICE OF CANCELLATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL APPOINTMENTS. YOU AGREE TO PAY THE FULL PAYMENT OF THE BOOKING FOR LESS THAN 48 HOURS CANCELLATION OR NO CANCELLATION GIVEN.

CANCELLATIONS CAN ONLY BE VALID BY TELEPHONING 01463 250854 with details left on answering machine or with Scott Burke. Emails/Texts/Mail cancellations are NOT valid.  You agree to pay the fee for the session if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given, or no cancellation at all.  This is to be fair to all, and also to give everyone equal chance to get an appointment time suited for them.  Also, I commonly set aside over 2 hours to prepare for your appointment, so I do ask you to appreciate why I need to have a cancellation policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

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