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About Hypnotherapy and Hypnotherapist Scott Burke MBAThH(Hons)

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for, but an adjunct to conventional medical and psychological treatments. It is an additional tool you can utilise in the healing process. Hypnotherapy has the full support of the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

If you want to develop your ability to concentrate, retrain and recall information readily, and would like to displace some of your old undesirable behaviour and habit patterns with new, constructive and beneficial ones, you can!

Hypnotherapy is complementary medicine, appropriate, for instance, for pain that has not responded to conventional treatment or to reduce stress, fear and anxiety or to lower blood pressure.

In the conscious, waking state of awareness, our minds process between three and seven bits of information per second. However our unconscious (subconscious) mind processes two billion bits of information per second. Through hypnosis we learn to utilise more of our natural resources for our own healing and enrichment.

DO WHAT WORKS BEST! Those suffering from problems not alleviated by standard medical and psychological treatments deserve another chance and another choice. Those who are seeking greater satisfaction and more fulfillment in their lives deserve another vehicle. Hypnosis represents that chance, that choice, that vehicle to a more rewarding life.

If you were in financial distress, would you use 10% of your available money to ease that distress? I doubt it. But, each time you do not use the 90% of your mental assets represented by your subconscious mind, that's what you are doing to your body. Isn't it about time you let the largest portion of your mental resources work for you?

Scott Burke MBAThH (Hons) MWFHyp (Hons) MSoH GHR Registered Hypnotherapy.   My work has evolved and developed into one of the finest and most exclusive systems available today.

​When given the challenge to allow his customers to enjoy fruitful success, he considers ALL areas in personal development, not just psychological.  These can also include nutritional or physical wellbeing. 

He will:

· Explain how the mind can affect performance
· Remove limiting beliefs and increase your vision for success
· Assist in life enhancement skills
· Improve your quality of life.
· Help you relax and remain stress free, which will allow for greater excellence in ALL areas of your life at work and at home.
· Make you “complete”.
· Create a desire to succeed, without limitation.....
  and most importantly, a better quality of LIFE.

Why the Scott Burke Hypnotherapy System?

Hypnotherapy is a NATURAL state.  Enjoy the peaceful relaxation as you soothe into success!

Why choose drug therapy?  Do you really need those pills and chemicals that are maybe synthetic and factory produced?

Scott Burke has been consulted and appeared many times in the media, including television, radio and several publications.

​What other personalised service offers such great value for money?

​MANY hypnotherapists do NOT give an exclusive one to one service.  Many repeat the same work over and over again, or in some cases, READ from a SCRIPT.  Why pay for lesser quality when Scott Burke offers a PREMIUM service?

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