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Scott Burke has been offering online/phone Sports Hypnosis for nearly 23 years and this has proved very popular with clients in remote locations, as well as current clients who are traveling, such as international sports stars.

Put simply, in order to book a personal one to one session with Scott, then go to his CONTACT page, and send some details first.  He will respond as soon as possible. 

Feel free to contact me with any queries you may have, and I very much look forward to helping you achieve QUICK and PERMANENT results, after all, SUCCESS begins in the MIND.

All you need is access to one of the following:

a) Telephone/Mobile Phone

b) Skype/Zoom

c) WhatsApp/Signal

d) Facebook Messenger

There are other platforms, so contact if you would prefer a different another online service.

Some of the advantages of this professional service can include:

1) Available worldwide

2) No need to travel (thus saving time)

2.1) No need to pay and/or find a parking spot

3) You can wear what you want, and be as comfortable as you wish to be.  You could even have a "bad hair day" and not be concerned as I do not physically have to see my client.

4) More competitive pricing 

The structure of my work does not change.  Indeed many have commented, after perhaps having reservations at first, that they PREFER this option.   


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