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Starting from July 2019 I will be showing some of my clients who I have enjoyed great success with.  Clearly this only represents a small percentage as some would prefer complete privacy.  

Sarah Mackenzie.jpg
Sarah Mackenzie Champion with Scott Burk

Sarah Mackenzie

Scottish Ladies Champion Body Builder Silver medal 2019

From complete novice in August 2018 to Silver Medalist in April 2019.  Such an amazing achievement, and it was tough!  But working on her mindset, she was both mentally and physically strong to bring home Silver AND the only Mother in the top three!  Well Done Sarah!

cup winner.jpg

Greg Tansey

Scottish Cup Winner

League Cup Final Finalist

Sports Writers Team of the Year Selection 

It was a big decision for Greg to move from Liverpool to Inverness, and that in itself can be mentally challenging.  However, focusing on his hard working and perfectionist attitude, he went on to become a hero for Inverness CT by scoring decisive goals in two cup semi-finals and going on to win the Scottish Cup.

Andrew Gatton.jpg
Andew Gatton of Scotland.jpg

Andrew Gatton

Scottish International Swimmer 

Andrew is definitely "one to watch" in the pool.  One of the very best at Butterfly and has his sights on a future Commonwealth Games.


Like myself, if you are interested in backing Andrew Gatton as he rises to further glory, contact me HERE. 

Henry Kerr.jpg
Henry Kerr Downhill Champion.jpg

Henry Kerr

Former World Number 2

U19 Downhill Mountain Biking

Henry enjoys a massive cult following in the world of downhill mountain biking.  He is currently competing in the World Cup and since working with him, already qualified for the Elite Round at the World Cup Event in Italy in 2019.


Like myself, if you are interested in backing Henry Kerr as he competes at the World Cup, contact me HERE. 

Michael MacPherson Motosport
Michael MacPherson Ford1600

Michael MacPherson

Ford 1600 Motorsport

At the time of writing Michael is only 18, but has already risen up the ranks of motorsport and has already been tipped to take part in either Le Mans, Indianapolis or Speed Car (Daytona) in the not too distant future, and we would not dismiss the possibility of F1.  


Like myself, if you are interested in backing Michael MacPherson as he rises through the ranks of motorsport, contact me HERE. 

Tennis player George Davies is currently being assited by Sports Hypnotist ScottBurke

George Davies

Great Britain

Futures Tennis Team

When I first started working with George in August 2019, he was a very frustrated and yet talented young player and amazing prospect. His mindset lacked concentration, confidence, discipline and self-belief.  Within 90 days of working with him, he was selected for the British Futures British team, and flew to Finland to compete.  George is truly an example of what can be achieved with myself, and he is definitely a joy to work with.   He now has his sites on Wimbledon! 


Like myself, if you are interested in backing George Davies as he rises through the rankings, contact me HERE. 

This is one of my contacts, Casey Dumont, goalkeeper at Melbourne Victory Club, and Australia.  From what I know of her already, she is someone to be respected, not just as a goalkeeper, but also as an inspiration.



It never easy opening up about scenarios in your life that change you but its about time I start doing it, to be a role model and let others know "its ok to not be ok" but also to help myself heal physically and mentally. This is an emotional piece that only scraps the surface of me and my life but huge Thank you PlayersVoice for writing this article.

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