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Bookings / Fees

About Scott Burke

Founded 1998

MBAThH (Hons)

MWFHyp (Hons)


GHSC Senior Practitioner (UK)

AHA (Australia)

ARCH (North America)

Scott Burke Hypnotherapy is a professional hypnotherapy practice that offers quick and permanent results.


With the help of my specialized hypnotherapy techniques, clients can find relief from anxiety, depression, addictions, and more. 


I have been in the hypnotherapy field for over 25 years, and my passion for helping others has only grown since then. I believe in the power of hypnotherapy and the positive changes it can bring to both mental and physical health.


If you’re looking for a hypnotherapy practitioner who will provide you with the best care, look no further than Scott Burke Hypnotherapy.

Booking Fees

Booking Fees

Per Session

Session Length is One Hour

Session Fee:  $95 USD

(payments can also be made in almost any currency, including Euros, CAD, GBP, AUS$, NZ$, RSA etc. Contact for price in your currency)

24 hours notice of cancellation is required for all bookings.  If less than 24 hours notice given, then regrettably the full fee is to be paid.


Booking Information

Please Read before Booking

1) Either CLICK HERE to complete Online Booking form OR send me a message via the Contact Page.  Bookings are available from 24 hours onwards from request.

1.1) Where possible, please only book at least three days in advance.  Though not essential, it is recommended.

2) It is also recommended to send some information in advance.  This should be done via the contacts page.

3) An outline plan will be sent to you when you, with details of number of sessions required.  From here you can then decide when to proceed with making scheduling an appointment.

4) If the requested time is available, we will then send confirmation.  If a new customer, you will be sent a single page registration form to be completed in advance.  If requested time is not available, then alternative days/times may also be offered.

5) Session fee must be paid before any session can begin.  Payment is to be made no later than 24 hours before appointments, unless otherwise agreed.  

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Card Payments (e.g. Credit Card)


Cheque / Check

Other Hypnotherapy Session Options

In Person One to One

Couples Therapy

Corporate/Business Event

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